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Meaning of "hen(s)ketch"


I sometimes questioned by my clients "What is the meaning of HENSKETCH"


HENSKETCH STUDIO is my personal concept of what I can contribute for my clients. After years of thinking my personal concept as freelance designer, I come to the conclusion of "position" where I can be most proud of as designer/thinker.


It is about studying and organizing elements for goals, something realistic and challengeable in order to support targets.The position where I can fully be proud of, which were not even in the designing itself, but a project coordination and fundamental of "WHY BRANDING (identity)" is needed in order to achieve client`s goals and demands.


So, I created my own signature after those elements below : 1."Hence" is describing I am interested in future (ce=s) 2."hens" is symbolic of outputs and services I can offer 3."Sketch" is what I can do

そこから導き出した一つの「指針」が ”固有の魅力” を最大限に伝え、そして先(未来)を描くために必要な活動やサービスを企画やデザインという手段で提供する。 ・hence (それゆえに、これから先) ・sketch (描く、下絵、下絵、見取り図、略図) ・hen「(ce)=(S)」ketch = hens (めんどり[複数形])=卵を産む鶏。

What I am interested is, WITH YOU (my clients) think for the future and try something make things better !! That`s all and that is everything for me.

※卵(新しい生命、新しく「生む、生み出す」象徴)=シンボル =hensketch (先を描く)+Studio(制作場所)



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